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The process of submitting a script to Writer’s Guild of America West (WGA West) is probably like water to most production companies. Many writers in this country registers their script with WGA to protect their intellectual properties. But what makes this one special is that FORWARD is now registered with WGA, at least it is for us. It is Shiz, Inc. and Evolve.Forward.Media, Inc. first registered script.

Many people in their lives go through life without doing what they are passionate about. For about 20 years, Serenity and I has been through the U.S. Army and working in the Information Technology (IT) field. How I do not mind and like working in IT, it is not my passion. How Serenity likes being an IT manager, it is not her passion. On August 13, 2015, Serenity woke me up with an idea. Ever since then, it has been a roller coaster ride in the world’s best theme park.

My wife has created a script that is so unique, beautiful, and special, I know people all over the world is going to be invested in this. I think Google YouTube will need to build another data-center because of FORWARD once it releases.

The WGA registration numbers are in succession, and Forward Season 1 Episodes 1-7 is WGA# 1816196. Therefore, Serenity’s script is the one million eight hundred sixteen thousand one hundred ninety sixth script submitted to WGA West.

My first script, Double Shot, is WGA# 704743. But that was back in 1996.

We are very hopeful of FORWARD because so far, we have been blessed with great people with lots of talent. Our cast is humongous, but I believe we can “do this.” We just have to believe.

Do you believe in FORWARD?
Are you a FORWARD?
I am… We are FORWARDS.

– From Antonio Edward, CEO of Shiz, Inc. and Executive Producer of F O R W A R D.