lockFor those of you who are web developers, you understand the need to keeping things secure. We have added a some scripts and plugins that secures the site from potential threats. But not only that, we added SSL (Secure Socket Layer). When you look at the URL, notice the lock symbol. Also notice the https:// instead of http://. When you visit a bank, https://www.yourbank.com/, it is ensuring you that you are actually at Your Bank and not a redirect that can get your information and do harm. Well, there is no login on our sites, true. But if you see the LOCK in the address bar, you are actually at https://evolveforward.net/ or https://dreamspace.vision/; and not some squatter site in some foreign country collecting your computer data. This is important to us because these unwarranted attack happens all the time; especially the more popular a web site gets. Right now, we are averaging 300 hits per day. Once we release our first show, that will inevitably increase. We want to make sure you feel safe when visiting our site and the data is clean on the site.

There are some links in certain articles that need to be updated manually that does not have https:// on it and previous articles have images with http://. That is a manual process and will take time to update.

Check out Google’s article about SSL (Secure Socket Layer) https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6073543.

There is a small charge to have SSL on web sites, that is why a lot of personal blogs do not use SSL. Notice that Facebook, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, and many others uses SSL for their visitor’s peace of mind. But again, it is a small charge. If you are a web site owner, I suggest SSL protection for your site especially if you have user management. Also, if you are using a program like we are to manage the web site, I suggest adding a security plugin and also a caching plugin to speed up the browsing of your site. Stay safe on the Internet.