Thanks to Mallory Raschke and Denise Blok at Hays County Food Bank in San Marcos, TX for allowing us to shoot inside and outside the food bank.
Thanks to everyone who brought donations to the food bank.
Thanks to Danyelle Cavaness-Weatherford for allow us to use her home.

Thanks to Ammie Leonards, Monica CadenaDora Corpus, Nina Garcia, Jussara NagleMarilynn Staten-Orette, Donald Harrell Sr, Benjamin Scott, Emma, Kesena, Kaia, and Anthony.



Thanks to Danyelle Cavaness-Weatherford for her direction.
Thanks to Kaia and Kayla Brown for operating the boom mike.
Thanks to Matt Rifley for his camera work.
Thanks to Serenity Alyanna Edward for your writing and co-directing skills.
Thanks to Antonio TwizShiz Edward for your audio expertise and producing skills.
Thanks to Kim Anderson for your photography.

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Photos by Kim Anderson Productions.


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