Round Rock neighborhood cul-de-sac.
Thanks to Robert McDorman (R2+G2 Productions LLC) for working the camera.
Thanks to Serenity Alyanna Edward, Danyelle Cavaness-Weatherford, and Antonio TwizShiz Edward for your hard work.
Thanks to Adele Bruner for the use of her house and the whole neighborhood for their time.

Thanks to Priscilla Cary, Gabriella Cary, Evelyn Cary, Stephanie Deller, Grace Deller, Lachrisha Bassett, Samuel Bassett, Shawn Bassett, Colette Hammons, Caleb Hammons, Jessica Hammons, Matthew Dixon, Daniel Dixon, Riley Dixon, April Harris, Sean Harris, and Izzie Harris for an enjoyable day.

Izzie Harris, Riley Dixon, and Matthew Dixon are the main characters for this scene. Thank you for bringing it!