A big thanks to Kyle B. Mylius of The Root Cellar Cafe for opening up his restaurant during closing. Also, thank you Danyelle Weatherford, Aidan Weatherford, Carrie Elsass, Jordan Elsass, Deanna Flusche, Peyton Flusche, Laura Martin, Kimberly Martin, Neeley Joneá, Kristian Khol, Eric Aguirre, Zachary Zindler, Staci Michelle Shults, Tatum Elaine Love, Theresa Clark, Trent Jolie, Melvin Carl McKinney Jr, and Jacob Taylor. We like to thank Jacob Taylor, an employee of The Root Cellar, who came in this morning to open the restaurant for us and became our food server actor on the spot. Jacob did not wake up and expect to be in a web series that day. For his first time, he did an awesome job.

Big thanks to Serenity Alyanna Edward for your vision and leadership.