This technique will work for most YouTube videos you may want to download. Please be warned that most videos on YouTube are copyright protected and cannot be shared. All F O R W A R D Archive videos can be downloaded and used for ACTOR’S REELS ONLY (F O R W A R D only) without permission. If you publish your video on the Internet, please send us an Email or Facebook IM Antonio TwizShiz Edward with the link to your video reel that contains any of FORWARD’s video footage. We will publicly display the link to your video on this page below. This is all we ask for. You do not need our permission to upload your reels. For any other use of the photos, graphics and videos on any F O R W A R D web sites will require permission from the producers of F O R W A R D:

The following instructions has not been tested on a Mac. If someone can verify this for me, please send me instructions and I will post them here. The following has been tested on a Windows 10 PC with Google Chrome. Information about the F O R W A R D Legacy: Archives 2015-2017.

1. Download VLC Player and install it.
2. Copy the YouTube URL. The URL will look something like this:
3. Open VLC Player.
4. Click on the Media menu > Open Network Stream > Network tab > paste the URL into the Please enter a network URL > press Play.
5. Hit Ctrl+J on your keyboard.
6. Click on the Codec tab.
7. Copy the information in the Location field.
8. Open your browser Google Chrome. It will work in Mozilla Firefox as well.
9. Paste the URL in the address bar of the browser.
10. Right click in the middle of the video and Save As…
11. Rename the MP4 file so you do not overwrite the videos already stored on your computer and save it to your hard drive.
12. Repeat the steps for other videos.

Information about the F O R W A R D Legacy: Archives 2015-2017.